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Forty and Fabulous-ish

on May 12, 2014

It’s all quiet at the castle again as things return to the normal level of crazy. ‘Auntie Juletti’ and the ‘tousins’ have gone home to New Zealand and Allie, our lovely WWOOFIng lodger, departed for more Scottish adventures before she returns to Canada. As predicted, I am experiencing a crushing anti-climax now that the wedding has happened and our guests have gone or maybe it’s because I’ve also just turned forty.


Couple posed by fondant models

The wedding weekend was amazing but sadly marred by sickness in our camp. Both children came down with diarrhoea and vomiting at exactly the worst possible time and ended up missing the whole thing. I surprised myself by being completely devastated about this and was inconsolable, right up to my first glass of prossecco at the reception. After that the evening became a merry haze of dodgem cars*, fabulous food, extremely funny best man speeches (I may be biased), Lego favours, screeching hen girl reunions and crazy ceilidh dancing. None of that would have been possible without my superstar parents and sister stepping in to save the day by looking after the kids. I prepared myself for their crushing disappointment at missing ‘Unty Tenny’s’ big day but their stoic response was, “Can we get a puppy now then?”. True resilience.


Burning this book was the first thing I did

So I am now in my forties. Hooray. The day itself was a chaotic blur of packing up, fond farewells and recuperating children. Our plans to have a lovely family day out were dashed by the bug so instead we made the sensible decision to take the kids to a shopping centre in Edinburgh. This turned out to be a stroke of genius as everything we could possible need was under one roof – toilets, a chemist, ice cream and best of all, escalators. Being rural kids, they have never experienced the delights of the ‘magic staircase’ and it was like a fairground ride to them. I love this about the ages they’re at – they take delight in the simplest of things and are so easily and cheaply amused. Notwithstanding their recent addiction to Temple Run and other age inappropriate iPad games of course.

A romantic meal out with my best man** rounded the day off nicely and we headed for home the following morning. Older, hungover and certainly not wiser but feeling very lucky and blessed.

When can I start botoxing?

*Amazing. Every wedding should include these. Even the bride squeezed her sizeable dress into one and had a go.
**apologies if that gave you the dry boak


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