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on February 10, 2014

Winter evenings are cosy, quiet affairs at the castle. There are fewer impromptu social gatherings than in the summer and it takes a monumental effort to leave the log-burning stove to face the elements to get to the car to go somewhere after dark. Then there’s the predictable, you drive, no YOU drive, argument. It never ends well and we’re not usually on speaking terms when we eventually reach our destination. It’s much safer just to stay in with a bottle of wine and a box set.

Keeping us glued to the Chesterfield wingbacks for the past couple of weeks has been series one and two of Homeland, which I thoughtfully gave to my husband for Christmas because I’ve been desperate to watch it for two years. We missed this when the rest of the world was watching it because we were caught in that toddler/newborn sleep-deprived maelstrom and couldn’t cope with watching anything more challenging than Countryfile.

As predicted, Homeland had us gripped from the start and we were soon dealing with a three-episode a night habit. This is a brilliantly executed romantic thriller which follows the ‘will they/won’t they’ relationship highs and lows of the two main characters, one of whom is Carrie Mathison, a bipolar CIA agent and the other Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a former American prisoner of war, held captive in Iraq for 8 years. Thrown into this heady mix is the ‘is he/isn’t he an al Qaeda sympathiser’ sub-plot, Sergeant Brody’s troubled marriage and Carrie’s CIA colleagues, most of whom think she is madder than a box of frogs.

Homeland: the original Rom-Dram

Homeland: the original Rom-Dram

Carrie begins to fall in love with Brody whilst conducting an illegal 24 hour surveillance operation on his house. We’ve all been there. She confesses all at a secluded cabin upstate, having manipulated a relationship in order to prove her suspicions that he is working for the bad guys. Brody takes this rather well and it becomes clear that in matters of the heart, feelings are mutual. Their path to true love was never going to run smoothly though and cracks soon start appearing. Suspicions heighten towards the end of series one, culminating in Brody’s failed suicide bomb attempt on the ‘Veep*’ and Carrie’s further decent into crazy for being totally right about everything whilst being utterly disbelieved by her patronising male colleagues, who eventually escort her off for electric shock therapy before giving her the sack.

In series two, things start to look up for our star-crossed pair as, back on the payroll, Carrie is completely vindicated when proof of Brody’s suicide mission emerges. By declaring her feelings to him during a tense interrogation scene (in which poor Brody gets his hand stabbed by one of Carrie’s moody workmates) she turns Brody away from the dark side and persuades him to become a double agent. Things couldn’t get much better when Carrie brings about the demise of the uber nasty Abu Nazir, al Qaeda big cheese as well as Brody’s former tormentor and on/off bestie. It’s all looking rosy, especially when Brody calmly confesses to killing the Vice President in order to save Carrie’s life (now that’s romance) but with another six series planned it wasn’t all that surprising when the relationship was thrown into further turmoil during the explosive season finale.

We were left wanting more and desperate for answers. Series three only concluded on TV at Christmas time so we will have to wait a while for the DVD and in the meantime I will try to forget that my motor-mouthed sister gave the game away on Boxing Day, revealing a vital twist in the last episode. I am still working on forgiving her.

*Vice President. This was a penny-dropping moment as I’d been hearing that term for ages, wrongly thinking it was something to do with hair-removal.


5 responses to “Homeland

  1. Caroline says:

    Love Homeland, we are currently binge watching Scandal.

  2. Caroline says:

    Thanks Emma. I have been wondering what Veep meant for ages! You really need to start on breaking bad. That’s a good 6 months where you won’t set foot out of the castle! xx

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