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Party On

on November 5, 2013

20131105-081018.jpgIt’s been party central at the castle lately, which has been fabulous. India turned two on November 4th which is conveniently close to both Halloween and bonfire night. I decided to kick things off on Halloween and hosted a wee fancy dress party for her playgroup pals. This place does lend itself rather well to that theme but I was forced to keep the spookiness to a minimum on account of their tender ages. Even my pumpkin was more ‘jazz hands cabaret’ than ‘creepy fright night’. It was great fun thought and lovely to see all the littlies together, fighting over toys and screaming. I had a genuine fear, before we moved, that the girls birthdays’ would be spent with just their grumpy parents for company, huddled round an undercooked cake with just one party popper between us and no presents due to the vast distances to the nearest decent shop. Being proved wrong is becoming a hobby.
20131105-075521.jpgThe next ‘do’ was a wonderful bonfire party with everyone on the estate. We all chipped in with food and fireworks money and my FiL put himself in charge of pyrotechnics. He was like a pig in poo and put on a fabulous display which I watched with the terrified children from the comfort and warmth of a nearby static caravan.

The day after was India’s actual birthday which called for even more cake, presents and prossecco, as I drowned my sorrows for still carrying too much baby-weight, two years on. I think it’s time to be honest with myself and just admit I’m a greedy cow who has very little self control around carbs. My self-imposed deadline for losing a stone is next May as there are two massive events within days of each other. My lovely brother-in-law marries my fabulous sister-from-another-mister* on the 3rd and then, *shudders*, I hit the big 4-0hhhhhhhhhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on the 5th. If ever there is time to not be over 11 stone it is then. Hide the donuts**….

*love that phrase and you can never have enough sisters. SHE’S got FOUR…..
**an easy win as there aren’t any and I never buy them. Now where’s the birthday cake…


3 responses to “Party On

  1. Looks like you’ve all been having loads of fun! Liking your cabaret pumpkin. Best of luck with your weight loss challenge 🙂

  2. Caroline says:

    Happy belated birthday little Miss India R. You picked a fabulous time to be born – yay you!:)

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