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Early Rising

on October 27, 2013

20131027-070846.jpgI generally consider myself to be a happy, positive, cup-half-full kind of person. Hopefully not so much that people want to slap me but I really haven’t been depressed or angst-ridden since my teens and my brief Morrisssy/fringed skirt/black bedroom wall phase. I am doing my best to channel this sunny outlook into trying to see the positives in starting the day between 4.30 and 5.30 am. This is where we’re at just now and have been for weeks thanks to our darling terrorist nearly-two year old who insists on getting up at stupid o’clock. We’ve tried to break the habit – gentle singing and a story and back to bed, no communication at all just lying her down and stroking her head*, controlled crying**, but it always ends the same way – her happily scoffing cereal followed by back-to-back Peppa Pig and me resentfully chewing away on my yogurt and muslei, trying not fixate on bacon rolls.

But there IS a positive to this tortuous early-rising. It’s the perfect time to crack on with crochet projects and in three weeks I’ve churned out a load of baby hats in various guises – penguins, puppies, Vikings, centurions, pilots and sundry floral efforts. There has been a spate of babies lately, including three born locally which is great news for our wee playgroup and the school.

Another bonus is the sunrises. They are beginning to be pretty spectacular and will only get more so as we head in to winter. It just takes the edge off my mood if, after angrily ripping open the curtains, I’m presented with neon pink fluffy clouds.

In other castle news, the central heating is up and running and keeping us toastie warm which is just fabulous. I’m already taking it completely for granted and have even uttered the fateful words, “it’s too HOT”. Also, we have two more WWOOFers who arrived a fortnight ago. They are a young couple from Spain (him) and India/UK (her) and it’s lovely to have more people around again. Best of all, Shanthi, expressed interest in helping me in the house rather than working in the rain. There was a can of pledge in her hand before you could say ‘exploitation’ and between us we scrubbed the castle almost clean. Happy days.

*I’m sure during this attempt she was trying to articulate, “whattheactualf@!k are you doing?”, with her relentless shrieks
** we take it in turns to shut ourselves in the spare room and sob for 10 mins each at a time.


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