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Road Trip

on October 16, 2013

Me and the girls took a second trip ‘up the road’* last week. I’d blocked out the horrors of the last journey back and was genuinely excited about packing up the car and heading off, just three of us plus Elaine and Barbara for company. Once again my bubble burst, barely an hour in and too far from my planned stop in ‘Inverbloodyrary’. I don’t know what sets them off but the occasional whinge becomes relentless screaming that no amount of jelly babies or Dont Cry for Me Argentinas, can abate. I always say, if you can’t beat them up, join them and I managed to stun the little darlings into silence with a 120 decibel tirade if my own**.

20131016-220434.jpgWe got there in the end and it was a wonderful visit, full of special moments and lots of laughs and some penguins. To cut a long story short I shall summarise it in numbers:

Miles: 360
Jelly babies: tons
People, big and little: 26
Boozy girly nights out: 1
Boozy girly nights in: 1
Occasions that grandpa was coerced into playing a dog/baby/patient by Zoe: 54
Brand new alloys on spanking new car belonging to parents, badly scraped: 2***
Retail opportunities: 17
Pandas: 0

It was a blast but lovely to get back. There’s a point in the return journey, when you turn off the main road and you know there is still 20 miles of tortuous single track and the kids are building up to another meltdown but you don’t care because you actually are “NEARLY THERE YET”, and suddenly you are driving up the hill with The View at the top and there is the beach and the trees and the bridge and the gate and the avenue and the arch and the castle. And home.

*local speak for visiting civilisation or anywhere with a McDonalds
**a technique learned from my mother. See ***
***I don’t want to talk about it


One response to “Road Trip

  1. I do like the trip in numbers! Car journey aside, glad you had a good break. And now I want jelly babies..!

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