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Through Traffic

on October 2, 2013

A big concern about living remotely was feeling isolated from the world and not having contact with many people day-to-day. I am definitely a people person. I love a natter with a neighbour or some banter with Tesco delivery man or a sympathetic chat with a mother-on-the-edge, caught in the act of screaming at a belligerent toddler in the street. Oh hang on, that was me…
Anyway, once again my fears were unfounded. This place is like Mardi Gras*. The doorbell rings constantly and you never know who or what to expect. The other day the parcel delivery chap appeared with 300 rolls of toilet paper at 8.30am. I don’t think he appreciated my quip about needing it last week when I had food poisoning. Must stop over-sharing. We also get a quite a few random foreigners pitching up, thinking we’re open to the public. I do find this quite hilarious and am tempted to invite folk in, charge them a tenner and show them all our crap that’s cluttering up every room. “….And this is a fisher price kitchen, circa 2010, bought for the bargin price of TEN POUNDS at a car boot sale…please don’t break your neck on any plastic fruit…”.

20131007-225736.jpgIn addition to obscure deliveries and disappointed tourists, there has been a steady stream of Latvian workmen stomping around this week, doing something wonderful to the second floor. They are installing ACTUAL radiators which means we could have PROPER central heating in a matter of weeks. There has been talk of this for a while but I’d filed it under, Believe It When I See It, and had started ordering thermals from Amazon. I really must have more faith in my fabulous husband who has delivered yet again, despite being under enormous pressure and working every hour to quite literally keep a roof over our heads. The problem is that when he starts talking about bio-mass boilers and heat plates and continuous flows, my brain seems to muddle it all up and it just sounds like he’s speaking Greek. I just smile and nod and say “uh huh” and “hmmmm” a lot. It gets you quite far.

So when the dust settles and the sound of pounding Latvian techno music is just a distant memory, we just need to συνδέσετε τις σωληνώσεις to the καλοριφέρ and hope the βιο-μάζας λέβητα can παράγει αρκετή θερμότητα. Just in the nick of time too. I have been strangely drawn to adult onsies lately…

*without the sequins…


2 responses to “Through Traffic

  1. Caroline says:

    Emma. You said it was nice. I’m not so sure. Love your blog though!

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