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Egg-citing Developments

on August 22, 2013

20130822-082851.jpgHannah’s gone. She was the estate ranger and was with us for two years, barring a winter trip to Mexico where she fell in love with an Austrian tatoo artist in Guatemala. Now she’s off to sunnier climes to follow her heart but she will always have a home at Torrisdale and will be missed so much. She had a huge impact on the wee community here and really brought people together which will hopefully continue in her absence. It was an emotional send off and the place feels very empty. We are now down to Pete and the two WWOOFs but they leave on Friday. It sort of feels like the place is emptying out for winter.
There are some new additions to the family, however. We have adopted Hannah’s 4 chickens which is hugely exciting. I’ve never owned livestock before and the thrill of collecting eggs is immeasurable. With my tubs of lettuce, spinach and rocket and free eggs on tap, I’ll never have to visit Evil Tesco again. And I’ll be waif-like*.

So I’m in a bit of a slump without Hannah, my swimming and wine (not together) and bad Aussie accent buddy but fortunately a Very Exciting Event is occurring next weekend which will bring joy and happiness back to my life. I almost can’t believe it’s happening but my wee sister and baby niece are visiting from New York!! AND my big sis is driving them down AND my mum and dad are coming too. It’ll be like a Roberts bomb exploding. I can’t wait. And Niall is beside himself with excitement. I think he was only joking about booking a flight out to “anywhere that’s not here”**.

*it’s never going to happen

**FYI you can only fly to Glasgow


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