I Was Swallowed By A Hippo

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on August 15, 2013

I am BESIDE MYSELF with excitement! I have completed not one but TWO projects in the past week. This is unprecedented for me. I am not a completer-finisher, more a do-half-a-job-then-give-up-er but I have excelled myself this week. I started a crocheted cushion for India’s room way back when but typically got bored of it and pushed it aside with barely 4″ left to go. However, thanks to a genius friend and her inspired online Crochet Camp*, I picked it up again and got it all sewn up in record time.

The second project took a mere 2 days from start to finish and I reckon with a bit more focus and less facebooking whilst watching really BAD movies, I could knock one up in a night. It’s a cushion cover made from an old travel rug stiched together with blanket stitch. Easy peasy and there’s a mountain of old blankets here crying out to be upcycled. 20130818-210748.jpgI’m already imagining a cushion cover empire which comfortably funds the leaky roof and a nanny for each child. Back in the real world however, I predict enthusiasm will become boredom which will lead quickly to resentment and I’ll be surrounded by half finished,hacked up old blankets whose hopes of a new life have been cruelly dashed by my apathy. My husband calls me half-a-job-Roberts (not really that affectionately TBH) and my wee sister is quick to remind me that I haven’t even completed a third trimester (first baby was prem, second was very prompt). I’m nothing if not consistent.

*Crochet Camp is a Facebook group set up by Kat
to teach beginners and support more experienced hookers (yes, yes, get over it). It was meant to be temporary but myself and the 1,135 other members are going to keep it going as it is a wonderful place to show off projects, plea for help and get fabulous ideas. I’m sure this is what Tim Berners Lee wanted to the Internet to be. It’s the antithesis to all the ghastly trolling and hideous threats that seem to be common place now. Hang out in Crochet Camp and feel the love!


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