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The end of summer

on August 11, 2013

20130812-083536.jpgHow quickly things change. I’ve gone from shorts and flip flops to wellies and a gillet* in just a few days. There is a definite nip in the air and the trees clinging on to their leaves but only just. The sea is slightly less inviting although I braved a dip at the weekend with a visiting cousin and it was devine. Not for much longer though. Autumn is upon us and I’m secretly delighted. I’ve always been a fan. I love the smells and the colours and the freshness and cosying in and extra layers and even the shortening days. I don’t doubt I’ll be pissed off with the relentless wind and rain and mud and cabin fever but hopefully I’ve banked enough sunny memories to see me through til Christmas.

Other changes are afoot too. Zoe starts nursery on Thursday which for some reason feels like a massive deal, even though she was going to nursery 3 full days a week in the olden days when I was working. Maybe because it’s at the school and she’ll wear a sort of uniform. It all seems very grown up. 60% (3 kids!!!) of her class go to playgroup twice a week with her so hopefully it won’t be too scary and new. It begs the question though, what on EARTH will I do with the other one for 2.5 hours a day? Who will she fight play with? I’d really love a promotion from Laundry Assistant to Marketing and Communications Director** but I don’t think that’s possible even with just one wee chap running about, seeking danger. I can’t help but wonder, how DO people work from home when they have kids? Oh, wait, I’ll ask Niall…ah, apparently it’s hellishly stressful and nigh on impossible. He really needs an office that isn’t in the dining room. This castle is just too damn small***.

*it was my token ‘rural’ purchase. I thought I’d look the part, mincing about the castle grounds in it. I was wrong. The online photo cleverly played down the lurid orange colour. I look like a survivor from The Posidon Adventure.
**I don’t know what that is but it sounds good
***That is a joke FYI


2 responses to “The end of summer

  1. Oh Emma, you crack me up. I love a gilet. I love autumn – NEED new boots. My boy is starting nursery next week for THE FIRST TIME EVER and Greig will be working from home looking after Grier one morning a week in solidarity with Niall. It’s like we’re life twins, only my castle is considerably smaller than yours……….

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