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A Visitor!

on July 28, 2013

We had a visitor from civilisation this weekend and it was fabulous. My lovely sister came to stay for a few days and the good weather held which was a huge relief. I have the fear that if people find the journey too awful and are greeted with horrendous weather, they won’t come back and we’ll never see anyone again except on Skype.
20130728-205024.jpgWaving her off was really hard though. I miss her so much, as do the girls. We had to endure a good twenty minutes of Zoe crying out for AUNTIE YA YA when she woke up in her usual post-nap maelstrom. What IS that? If I was allowed an afternoon kip I might be a bit less Sharon Osbourne and a lot more Fräulein Maria.

In an attempt to counter my misery I dragged everyone out on walk up the glen. It actually worked. Zoe stopped screaming for Ya Ya, Niall stopped screaming at Zoe and I stopped screaming at Niall. India continued to scream intermittently for no reason but it was bearable in the sunshine. We popped on on some neighbours and then another neighbour on the way home and while we were there our WWOOFERs joined us and then another couple who live in the village just happened to be passing and stopped for a cuppa. I totally forgot to be miserable about living a million miles away from people I love and was reminded that there are very lovely people all around us. Blessings were duly counted.


3 responses to “A Visitor!

  1. I’m so glad this story ended with tea…….My best friends moved to Aberdeen in january and I’m still a bit pouty about that. Sorry.

  2. Sazza says:

    One question – why did Zoe only cry for 20 minutes? Surely my departure merited a longer cry than that?!? Just saying…….

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