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Fraudulent holiday

on June 23, 2013

I am almost embarrassed to admit that I’m on actual holiday after three weeks of mucking about on a beach in scorching sunshine. We booked it before we were cruelly thrown out of our house and forced to move into a castle though.

We’re on Tiree for a whole week of justified mucking about on a beach and generally doing hee followed by haw which is fabulous. Grandparents are conveniently here also for some handy child off-loading.

I need my annual fix of this island. It gets under your skin. Quite literally sometimes – I’ve found sand in crevices I wasn’t even aware of…

I think it’s the expansive sky and the machair and the white sand and the turquoise water and the empty beaches. I hate reading features about Tiree in magazines as I selfishly want it to stay secret. Totally ridiculous, I know. But still…

I’ve started a new crochet project at last.* It’s going to be a round cushion cover for India’s new bedroom,  made with cheapy wool but in lovely colours. I’d forgotten how therapeutic crochething is. If I relax any more though I won’t have a pulse. Just as well the kids keep trying to wreck our lovely holiday cottage every 5 minutes which keeps the blood pressure nice and high**.

*because weirdly, the children seem to be able to amuse themselves here and there is less limpeting going on.

**see *


One response to “Fraudulent holiday

  1. Caroline says:

    I’m like ……………….this jealous of your island holiday. Sounds beeyootiful and I will wait to see the finished cushion in wee India’s room, looks awesome. Enjoy MacHall family!

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