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on June 16, 2013

I am brimming with inspiration for creative projects. There are loads of fabulous pieces of old furniture lying around, crying out to be up-cycled. (And equal amounts crying out to be slung on the bonfire but I am keeping quiet….mostly…).

20130616-095110.jpgI love this tatty old chair that has been hidden away in the playroom* for years, abandoned and unloved, awaiting rescue. I’m thinking a colourful lick of paint and a crocheted cushion, in the style of http://attic24.typepad.com.

Also in the playroom is a lovely big old square coffee table that my MiL remembers having in Hong Kong when she lived there as a child. My big idea for this is to turn it into a play table for the kids. A Very Clever friend did this with an Ikea coffee table and it looks amazing.

Top of the list is India’s new room. Her first proper bedroom, having been consigned to a dingy study in our last house with only some token bunting for decoration. She is going to move to my brother-in-law’s old room after he kindly cleared out his teenage shrine which had remained largely untouched since he moved out just 17 years ago…
It’s been painted up and looks great. Now I just need to make it look fabulous. Hello Pinterest**…

Lastly I need to get busy with crocheted things for fabulous baby Olivia. I have a pattern in mind and I have the wool I just need to get going. I face stiff competition from another auntie over at http://www.teaistheanswer.com so need to up my game. She’s a few cardis ahead of me and definitely out-blanketed me with a sneaky ripple. Not that I’m competitive or anything…

*for playroom read dumping ground for 5 generations of toys and books and dust….

**the thing is though I know I am going to spend so much time cooing over gorgeous ideas on Pinterest that I’ll never ever get round to doing anything in real life. I’ve given myself a deadline of before India leaves home.


One response to “Projects

  1. kittyfondue says:

    Crafternoons!!!!!!! Love this, Em!

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