I Was Swallowed By A Hippo

Castle life, Aga strife, slummy mummy, average wife


on May 30, 2013

image Feeling a bit homeless at my parents house this week. Me and the girls are here until Friday. It’s amazing how quickly I regressed to my stroppy teenage self, culminating in dramatic storm-out and door-slam last night. Emotions are running high*. Really had to fight the urge to drink a bottle of Merry-down cider by the river last night. If I keep regressing like this I’ll be bed-wetting.

Most of my goodbyes are done and I’ve been a dry husk throughout. I cracked temporarily at the petrol pump yesterday after waving off my sister who was bawling like a baby. I just feel too empty and sad and it hasn’t even begun to hit me yet. I also feel so lucky to have such fabulous people in my life to miss and I’m not letting them go, EVER. Anyway, it’s not f**king New Zealand and I’ll need a dose of Primark every few months.

*actually, my mother is just bat-shit crazy**
**thats my phrase du jour


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